Lifestyle Newborn //Hobbes//

One of my greatest joys is to enter my clients' home and see how they have made their space to welcome their baby. I love seeing the colors they have chosen because it tells me so much about their personalities. Sweet Hobbes, you were such a joy to photograph in your bright and colorful space. I can tell instantly that your home will be one of fun, laughter and joy! Welcome home, buddy.

A New Mama {Dallas Lifestyle Maternity Photographer}

When I married into the Scott family eight years ago, I was fortunate to gain this beautiful woman as a sister. Three years ago, when Amanda married Robert, we were on the receiving end of the blessing of gaining a brother. These two are beautiful, loving and joyful souls. They are better together and we are better because we know them and get to call them family. What a joy that they now are preparing to welcome sweet Maggie. In just a few days she will be here. I will have another niece to snuggle (and photograph). I am ecstatic to see her beautiful face.