January Goals...{in retrospect}

Goal setting. I make no excuses about my lackluster performance here. Though I see great promise in setting them, I get overwhelmed at the start. Where do I start? And so, as I was being challenged by a dear friend to step up my blogging game, I asked myself that very question. Where shall I begin? I suppose, beginning with vision casting is perhaps the most logical place. And although I cannot claim myself to be extremely logical, on this topic, I choose to agree with the masses. As it is already February, I find myself a bit behind. So, I set out this week to think through what I anticipated accomplishing, what I in fact accomplished, and what I wish I had pursued to accomplish.

Go to Spain and serve the Lord.

Book 4 sessions.

Collaborate with the talented Holly Stanfield on branding.

Publish my first wedding blog.

I feel as though 4 goals is a cozy place for me to begin this last month. One thing I didn't count on was having weak internet, when I was able to find an internet connection at all, in Spain. I was a bit delayed on my last goal of the month and have yet to post the blog of my first wedding. In retrospect, I don't regret that I spent time with people, with my amazing husband and with the Lord in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited or seen. I look forward to posting some photos and some tales of our travels this week. Until then, how do you go about goal setting? Do you set them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or a combination of them all?

At the beginning of January, our church put together a leadership development seminar called Grace 360. It was rich with incredibly wise men and women of the Lord who willingly shared insight into different personal, theological and cultural topics. In one of the breakout sessions I attended, I was challenged by this statement. "Launch your prototype and fail quickly." I find that I am incredibly fearful to step out onto the water for fear that I will sink. But, if I shall sink, I suppose I should do so quickly and learn where I went wrong, just as Peter did. He did not have enough faith. I am promised to fail at times, but I won't let the fear of failure keep me from launching a movement. Whatever that thing is that the Lord has for me to launch. Whether it relates to my marriage, my family, my ministry, my business, my relationship with the Lord, I pray I will be bold and adventurous this year! Maybe you will be challenged to join me in the adventure. What's the Lord calling you to?