no shirt. all dirt.

My boy. My first born. 18 (ish) months ago you entered the world and have forever changed it. You have placed a stamp of red hair, deep thinking, loud shrieks (of approval AND disapproval), crazy boyish laughter, wub-a-nubs and a zeal for life that you most certainly got from your Daddy.

And I love everything about you. Everything.

In your first year of life I carefully planned out a monthly photo shoot, placed you in the chalk pot, measured out your firsts, your growth, and counted your teeth. After your first birthday, I guess I just told myself "good game" and checked out. No. I didn't check out. I made a conscious decision to spend less time staring at you through a lens and more time just digging in the dirt with you.

It's been the most fun 6 months of my life. You are All BOY as they say and I am having to learn to let you eat some dirt. I smile now when I see rocks strewn about the living room and sticks in the sunroom. I'm a boy mom now. And your first inclination is towards the mud on the driveway, the soil in the flower pots and the wood on the back slab. You want to be in the garage with Daddy, building with your tools or his…preferably his.

And so, as I have been joining you in the fun, I realized that I haven't marked your growth these past 6 months as much as I would've liked. I began wracking my brain for that photo shoot that would encapsulate who you are, what you love, and who you are becoming.

And then today happened. Today, when you were outside with Daddy and you two were just doing your thing. And it was the perfect moment because you were just being you. The all boy, climbing over saw horses, picking up sticks and falling into the grass toddler that you are.

And I just love everything about you. Everything about you.