all kinds of nostalgia. {Senior Photographer}

Somewhere along the way I grew up.

And I guess if I was going to grow up then that meant that everyone else would be doing the same. It's just a bit weird when it's your 'little' brother.


This kid. He dethroned me, the baby, at the age of 11. I thought he was cool. and cute. But, I also really liked attention and so he was, at times, a bit in the way.

Regardless, he has grown into this man that I am boastfully proud of. He is as goofy as ever, but instead of a couch potato, he can now lift a couch. Instead of watching life from the sidelines, he has taken life by the palm of his hand. Strong, courageous and kind.

This is just my sneak peek edition. More photos (and bragging) to come.