Reflecting. {the journey to photographer}

Reflection. Reflecting. As I think about the direction I hope and pray this photography business will go, I realize I have to take some time to look back and try to understand where it all originated. I am doing this journal, blog, reflection as I sit here. At times, it may be raw. But it's never bothered me much. The raw is the real and I will take real over posed any day. {That's a foreshadowing for sure}.

Reflecting. I was challenged at this conference, way back in February, to think about calling. Calling, the speaker said, is when our talents and our burdens collide. She challenged her captive audience to think back to their childhood. What things did I love to do when I was 8 or 9 or even 10 that I maybe suppressed or simply grew out of as I became a 'wise' and 'mature' adult. What did I love so supremely that I drove my parents crazy with it! The first thing to pop into my mind was singing. Loud and proud, baby. I sang. sang. sang some more. and when I finished, I simply started another song. After that, I couldn't think of a single thing. All I ever did was follow people around, play and talk non-stop.


Maybe all of that being in people's business and sharing a good bit of my own business through my always operational mouth is where I should do more reflecting. Double click, if you will. As I reflect on the entirety of my childhood, my teenage years, college years to present, there has been one constant. I need to be among the people. Not always out of a need to be seen and heard. In fact, once I became a believer, I became pretty content with sitting on the sidelines, watching, listening and always reflecting and processing what was taking place around me. Asking the who's, the what's, the why's.

"What is the source of that person's sorrow?"

"How can one person laugh so much?"

"What is the story that is not being told here?" and, "How can I become safe ears to hear that story?"

Watching and observing and questioning. Discernment my husband calls it. I didn't have a label back then and I didn't realize that not everyone cares to observe and question and discern. I loved it. I still do. And it would appear that it's an important part of my journey to this present calling.

Every person has a story. It's a story that is personal to them and it matters. I firmly believe that every person deserves that have their story be heard. I like to hear and tell the story. Long before I ever picked up a camera, I loved looking in peoples' eyes and hoping to see through to the soul.

That love was the first seedling ever planted in this journey of photography.