The Whole Enchilada. | Instagram Photo-a-day Challenge

Let's celebrate!! Today we are crowning a winner of the Instagram Photo-a-day Challenge. The purpose of this Instagram challenge was to inspire myself and to hopefully inspire others to find the happy and the creative in at least part of their day. I know I was inspired. I hope you all were as well! I am thinking of doing another challenge in May. If you're interested, subscribe to my blog, follow me on Facebook and over on Instagram as well, @awsnapsscott so you don't miss out on the fun! Now. Onto the winner!!

I had a pretty good idea going in to the last week who would win the grand prize, but just to get a second opinion, I brought my dear hubs in on the conversation. I asked him to look through the hashtag 'andreascottphotoaday' and tell me which photos he thought were the best. After grumbling a bit that HE was excluded from winning he declared, "@breedlove21 is the winner. It doesn't matter which photo of hers you pick because they are all awesome." That was the affirmation I needed!

Susan, your photos were incredibly creative. And, because of that, you have won a $25 gift card to one of my all time favorite printers, Artifact Uprising. They have some of the coolest wooden prints, calendars, coasters and beautiful albums. Congratulations!! You inspired me to look at the ordinary things around me with fresh eyes! Your photo of ordinary crayons was one of my all time favorites...and I look at crayons every day. :)

Here are a few of my favorite photos taken by Susan!

Andrea Scott Instagram Photo-a-day








Andrea Scott photo a day




Andrea Scott Instagram Photo-a-day