All About the Digitals Baby | College Station Lifestyle Photographer

I need to confess something to you.

When I got married, we hired dear friends who were excellent photographers to capture our special day. I sat down with them to pick a package and they showed me a beautiful, leather bound album. Did I mention it was beautiful. And leather. I love the smell of leather. But in spite of its beauty and intoxicating smell, I wanted ALLLLLL the digitals. I traded in a big, beautiful, leather bound album so I could have a plethora of digitals. "I NEED them," I reasoned, "so that I can print them any time I want." Obviously, I will print them and hang them all over our home until the end of time.

Except that I didn't.

Nope. Outside of the prints that were included in my photography package (which included a gorgeous 16 x 20 canvas and a 15 x 5 framed print among some others), I haven’t printed more than a handful. And it’s not because I don’t love them.

I do.

I love, love, love my wedding photos. They are a priceless treasure. And they are currently sitting on a DVD in a drawer. You know what I do have? A Shutterfly album. (cringe. awkward nervous face. sigh). I hang my photographer head in shame.

You know what I WISH I had? A big, beautiful, leather bound album.
Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya.

An album would tell the story of our wedding from beginning to end. It would be complete. It would sit on my coffee table and serve as a conversation piece and a faithful reminder of that holy day when we pledged to put one another first.

I am here to sound the alarm, friends. Cheap is not always the answer. These photos you are having taken are TREASURES. They are timeless and priceless. Let's stop pretending that time will one day miraculously stand still so we can live in these beautiful moments forever. Time won't slow. And with the ticking of that clock are the making of memories. Memories that should be preserved and treasured.

MY PHOTOS ARE SITTING IN A DRAWER INSTEAD OF ON DISPLAY. My memories fade with time. I want something to help me recall those moments in beautiful picturesque detail.

Someone else was willing to take the time to put together a beautiful and creative display of one of the sweetest days of my life. Ya’ll. What a gift that would have been. But I said no. I said I wanted the digitals. And I regret it.

One of the biggest questions I am asked is if I give away the images. Let me be like Michael Scott for a minute and answer your question with a question. What is going to stand the test of time? What would you rather have? A DVD or hard drive with images on them? Or art that adorns your coffee table and your walls. In hindsight, it’s not even a question to me. People spend thousands of dollars to put art on their walls from artists they have never met with people they will never know. But when you have paid a photographer hard earned money to photograph you and your family in a special season, having those heirlooms adorn your walls is a treasure.

Let me throw out a challenge to you. If you have photos sitting on a disk somewhere, go find them. And then, let me help you get those photos printed. Even if I did not take them for you. And for those of you who will be getting photos taken in the future, think carefully about where you will display those treasures. In your drawer, or on your walls.

To be continued...