Baby Jordan {Fresh 48 Newborn Photography}

When my first son was born, we had HUNDREDS of photos of him with his visitors and family…but we had only a handful of photos of the two of us and maybe only one of our family of three. When we were home and I finally had a moment to sort through the photos, I was really quite devastated. Those first few moments with your baby, in the hospital or birthing center or your home are precious and fleeting. And so, when we became pregnant again, I vowed to do things differently. I asked my husband to take photos of me at the hospital. I made sure that the camera was on a user friendly setting and he was such a pro! He took so many great photos and I got to be in them.

And then, we went home and my brain apparently turned to mush…and somehow, I made a terrible assumption that my photos were on a second computer, deleted them off my laptop AND out of the trashcan. And, poof! Just like that, all the photos from that beautiful hospital time vanished. I’m still not over it. I’m still hoping to recover some of them…somehow.

I don’t know if I will have the blessing of another pregnancy, but if given that opportunity, I am certain that hiring a birth photographer or newborn photographer to come and take photos of our family in the hospital will be my number one priority of ‘to-dos.’ I can will time to stand still all I want, but it’s not going to. I can only do everything I can to be in the moment and memorize the details and pray I remember all those sweet moments. And that’s where this concept of Fresh 48 Newborn Photography was born in my business. I want to help you give yourself the gift of a time capsule, an heirloom that will remain in your family for generations to come. Yes, they will adorn the back pages of senior yearbooks and wedding slide shows. More importantly, they will grace the coffee table top and the walls throughout your home.

Meet baby Jordan. He is 24 hours fresh in this newborn session. Seriously, every time I hold a baby this fresh, I just cannot believe that mine were ever so teeny. Look at those fingers. That little chin, which I hear looks just like his daddy’s. A sister so curious and playful and Mommy and Daddy’s hearts so clearly filled to overflowing. Can’t you just see them cherishing these moments?