Number 4 {Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

You know what I find to be most lovely about Lifestyle Newborn Photography sessions? I can come to you! Picture this: You've just had a baby and you have three other children in your brood as well. You want to document your growing family but maybe you aren't cleared for driving yet. Or, perhaps the idea of getting you all out the door causes you to go to a place of mental hysteria. 


Adding a second child to the mix, personally, ROCKED ME FOR A FULL YEAR. I'm not exaggerating. 

So, when my sister was nearing her due date, I asked her if I could come to her house and document their growing family. With 4 kids ages five, three, two and newborn, she couldn't refuse! I am thrilled with how intimate these photos turned out. There is only one story being told here. 


Welcome to our world #4. We love you! Also, can you even believe how beautiful my sister is? She glows.

McNames 2015-08-18-16.jpg