Some seasons, I have my camera in hand constantly. I chase the boys around the yard trying to capture the beautiful and the mundane of our everyday. These days, these boys, they are mine, you see. And I am so very thankful that they are mine. 

We have entered into a really sweet time between big brother and little brother. They are quickly becoming best friends, looking for the other and calling out to the other when he can't be found. They've begun getting into trouble together and entertaining themselves without any assistance from Momma. Of course these moments are frequently interrupted with fits of anger when one takes the other's toy or someone's space has been invaded. But, they can so quickly say 'sorry' and 'I (for)give you', give hugs which turn into tackles and then into hysterical laughter.

In an effort to document these days a little better, I am going to start a series called MINE. I hope to fill the page with what my reality can often look like. As a {hashtag} boy mom, as a bride, as a home maker, as a chicken owner and novice gardener, I want to share some of the things I really love and enjoy with you. I hope you'll be refreshed with the simplicity of it all. As an added challenge to myself, I am not going to edit these photos in any way (outside of a good crop as needed). This will accomplish two goals. 

1. It will prevent me from waiting to blog 'until the photos have been edited'. Oh so many photos get stuck on my computer waiting for me to get to the editing part.

2. It will push me towards nailing the photo by mastering the camera settings.

Both of these are personal goals I have set for myself and I am excited to use this as an opportunity to move towards improvement.