On Nesting and Wrestling. Mine.

I have spent a few months of this pregnancy feeling a bit restless. It took me a while to identify the why of my restlessness. At first, I blamed it on not having a name for baby boy. Next, I blamed it on not having time to journal prayers and letters to the baby like I did for my first two. And then, after talking things through with my wise husband, I recognized that what I was really longing after was connection. Connection with my unborn babies has come, in the past, through the naming process, through establishing a nursery, through baby showers and through journaling. But with this being our third boy, preparing just looks differently. And so, I have found myself longing for a way to connect and feel like I am preparing emotionally for this dear one. One day, I want to be able to tell him what I was thinking and feeling as I went through pregnancy with him. 

And so, I began this little project. 

I stumbled across this amazing website called Purl Soho. If you are into knitting or crocheting or sewing, this website is amazing. Beautiful pieces and tutorials and patterns. I wanted to knit all the blankets, but settled on this one below called the Super Easy Crib Blanket. The name says it all. It's one stitch throughout and I can customize it to the specific colors I like. 

Since I have never actually finished a knitting project before, I only let myself buy one color of yarn at a time. And, it comes packaged like this, with a personal little note on the receipt. It's the little things, friends. Am I right?

I'm happy to say that just today I cast on the fourth color. Here's my progress thus far. 

In all this time I get to spend knitting, what I also have found is that I have an abundance of time to pray for this boy and dream about what he will look like and how he will change our family. It's been heart and soul food for me. A little piece of the day that is Mine. A little space carved out to nest and bond.