Every Picture Has A Story To Tell. {Fresh 48 Photography}

Photography is really just the art of story telling. The story of this family is one of love, loss, faith and rejoicing. Do you see it?

You see, this beautiful family actually has three little boys - Jaxson, Grayson and Lawson. Jaxon and Lawson are the two you see in these photos and Grayson is behind the deep emotion in their eyes. As they held baby Lawson, they told the story of baby Grayson, who looked and smelled so much like Lawson. Look closely in some of these pictures for a stuffed Lion. That is Grayson's Lion and he represents Grayson in photos, because his presence is so desperately wanted. Grayson is in Heaven with Jesus, but he is here with this beautiful family as well. They tell his story and they carry him in their hearts. The love that now has expanded to contain baby Lawson, will also always contain the deep love of all three of their boys. 

This is their story.