How to Include Siblings & Grandparents in a {Fresh 48 Photography Session}

Debuting my first set of twins on the blog today and I am thrilled to reveal this Fresh 48 Session! Dave and Jenny are fellow Aggies, working at a local church in town just like my husband and I, and dear friends from our college days. That was over a decade ago, back when College Station had a Chili's, a Layne's and Taco Bell. We didn't have Century Square, but we DID in fact have a Gap. Oh how times have changed, and, judging by these sweet photos, times have changed for the better. 

If you are a parent of multiplies, you know that the hospital room after delivery can become crowded quickly when siblings and grandparents want to come and visit. The older siblings don't always want to sit down and hold the new babies. So, in addition to capturing the beautiful new babies, I like to make sure that my Fresh 48 sessions also capture the realness of whatever is happening inside of the room. All of these moments will make up the memories of the first few days after these beautiful babies were born.